Southern Cooking Salads


Garden Salad

What a perfect way to serve the nutritious raw vegetables! I try to keep fresh produce on hand for these simple salads. It’s fun to arrange these wholesome vegetables – and the reward is most definitely tempting to the eye. As the saying goes “Tempt the eye and then the palate”.

The hard cooked egg: never, ever serve a hard-cooked egg that has a dark, ugly hydrogen sulfide color around the yolk. Yuck! This is so easy to avoid by bring the eggs to a boil and immediately turning the burner off and letting them set for 20 minutes on the burner. Then immediately drain, add cold water and some ice cubes. Crack and peel and voila! Perfect hard-cooked eggs like the ones you see here. The photos here are some examples. Serving on a plate, rather than in a bowl, makes them especially attractive.

This could easily be a complete meal by adding slices of turkey, chicken or seafood.



Ingredients are the same in both photos:

* Bed of lettuce or spinach (preferably deep green color) I’ve used iceberg lettuce here as it was the only kind available. I don’t recommend it as it has little nutritive value and it is pale and anemic looking!)

* Cucumber

* Red bell pepper

* Green bell pepper

* Tomato

* Avocado

* Hard cooked egg

* Serve with dressing of choice